BankingCase study

Betting on design to lead the digital transformation of a global financial institution



Between 2016-2020, Far Co’s founder and team members worked as the creative force behind the bank’s digital transformation. To accompany the new global business strategy, the design team led the 2019 global rebrand, the redesign of every existing digital touchpoint including product, marketing and communication channels, and the development of the design platform which all digital product is built from.

The bank’s digital transformation is commonly referenced as a market leader and has garnered numerous awards such as the Forrester’s Best Financial App 2017-2019 as well as Brand Finance’s Strongest Financial Brand in 2020.


The team

Our roles in the bank allowed for senior visibility and decision making

Brian FarrellExecutive Creative Director

Fernando BáezGlobal Design Lead

Álvaro FernándezGlobal Design Lead

Carlos ParienteGlobal Design Lead

Sergio TomasaGlobal Lead, Motion and 3D

Designed to generate results

  • +9M

    Conversion—more active users

  • #1

    NPS rating—more satisfied users

  • -17%

    Retention rate—more loyal users

– ‘The global mobile banking Leader for the third year in succession. It’s mobile banking app combines exceptional functionality with the best user experience.’

Benjamin Ensor –– VP Research Director, Forrester

Press and awards



A digital-first global rebrand applied to all marketing, communication and experiences

Redesigning the identity and brand system

The bank was at a pivotal point of digital transformation and deserved an identity that represented its commitment to innovation and its unified position in the marketplace. Three important decisions were made that influenced the direction of the new identity and design system: It should be disruptive. Invest in the existing word mark, not a new symbol. It should symbolise opportunity through the concepts of light and ascension.

The logo with its ascending final A represents the new era, bringing the age of opportunity to all customers.

The Lightstream, the new core brand asset

Soaring ambition. Embracing exponential technology to make banking better for our customers. Dramatising the trajectory of an opportunity being realised, we created a dynamic asset that acts as a beacon of aspiration, of what the bank holds true for it’s customers and for themelves.

A design system to efficiently scale products globally

Experience Design System

Experience is an internal ecosystem that connects design, technology and business teams in a fluid and controlled environment in order to produce global product consistently, efficiently and at scale. All digital product is built from this platform–consisting at its core of a library of components both designed, coded, tested and ready to be used in any product or service.

–– The result is an industry-leading, award-winning digital transformation

Over the four years, our team redesigned the majority of the bank’s digital products and services–for internal, retail and corporate clients–to align under one design system across all countries. This required the definition of a product creation model, continual user testing across all markets, and complete synergy with development and business teams globally.

As the creative arm of the bank, our role extended beyond the core digital banking products and allowed us to pilot and test new technologies as well as design and assemble events and multimedia experiences.