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Corporate Design Transformation

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Over the years Farco has led many corporate design transformations across different industries—energy, banking, retail, and pharmaceuticals to name a few. These transformations all begin with the same challenge. How can we shift our company mindset from “design as only production” to ‘design is embedded in our culture’?

In our experience, this cultural shift requires a long-term strategy that typically follows three phases: building the foundation, delivering best-in-class solutions, and imagining the future.

Phase 1: Build the foundation

The first phase is about building the foundation. The goal is to enable universal brand alignment and a cohesive user experience at scale by focusing on one core product and the design system. Through the process, design methodologies, processes and tools are standardized across all teams.

This phase creates immediate impact—both cultural and business—and can be measured through time and cost savings within a few months after implementation.

Phase 2: Deliver best-in-class solutions

The second phase is about delivering best-in-class solutions. The goal is to effectively execute at scale and with speed, while continuing to evolve the design system with new, best-performing user experience patterns.

This phase validates the investment in design through clear performance metrics, and creates a design system that powers the entire company ecosystem, from brand to product, commercial to platform, B2C to B2B.

Phase 3: Imagine the future

The third phase is to imagine the future. The goal is to maintain relevance and the leadership position through a relentless pursuit of innovation for customers. This typically is achieved through product innovation—rapidly testing new features through pilots, implementing those that work quickly and at scale.

Design Transformations are about shifting culture to be customer-centric, and with a clear vision and leadership support, even the biggest of global corporations can achieve this shift and elevate design across the entire company.

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