Scale one design system to multiple brands and products

Areas of expertise

White-label Solutions

Adapt with speed. Leverage one design system to ship new brands with the same user experience.

In the last two years, Farco has shipped eight white-label solutions across multiple industries: insurance, retail, banking, pharmaceuticals and entertainment to name a few. These infinitely adaptable systems allow one user experience to quickly and consistently adapt to any new partner—from large stadiums to local venues—producing incredible business impact at the scale of 80% cost savings, 8x increase speed to market, and 10x increase in partnership growth.

White-label framework

White-label solutions are complex in nature, and their success is dependent on a precise and specific design and development framework. At the core is a highly-sophisticated token system. For a white-label solution to scale efficiently without breaking, it is critical to elevate the standard logic of a design system token to a more sophisticated semantic framework that includes not only value but purpose. This token system becomes the source of truth between design and development, and can extend to many types of brand assets and code languages.

Ideally this framework is considered from the beginning of a project, but Farco’s unique expertise also allows us to add this logic to an already existing design system, ensuring successful future scalability and business impact.

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