Create incredible work, make big jumps, and live the life you want

We are committed to making Farco a place where people can be inspired, feel connected and ultimately thrive. From day one, this commitment has defined our company culture.

Our founder is from Atlanta, our home is Madrid. We are a blend of Spanish and American cultures amongst a small group of product experts.

Our values are the measure of our character. They guide everything we do—from projects to performance reviews.



We believe that ideas only reach their full potential through a collaborative pursuit of craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to quality.



We believe that an honest, inclusive and fair environment is the best way to create strong, lasting connections between coworkers and clients. When we know what is expected and feel valued for delivering, the hard work is worth it.



We have the curiosity and guts to get out of our comfort zones and see how far we can stretch ourselves and our ideas. We lead by example, take big leaps, and keep at it, even when there is a misstep.



We try not to forget how fortunate we are to be doing meaningful work alongside bright, dedicated teammates. By showing our appreciation through the service of others—coworkers, clients and the global community—we ourselves become better.

Diverse perspective, world-class  work



Female leadership



Female employees



LGBTQ+ leadership



LGBTQ+ employees

We believe that people should be able to do what they love and also live the life they want. At Farco, we are committed to doing everything we can to help our employees lead healthy, full lives.

Hybrid office, Home-office life

We work remotely, we work together. The perfect combo to create amazing products and strong culture.

  • A comfortable, creative office in the center of Madrid
  • Flexibility to work remotely
  • Transportation support for long commuters


Work is important, but so is everything else. We want you to have the time to focus on the other things that make for a complete, happy life.

  • 23 days of paid time off
  • July 4, December 24 and December 31 the studio is closed
  • Company policy of no emails after 18h or on weekends
  • We leave the office at 15h every Friday of the year

Salary and profit sharing

It’s simple and visible to every employee. We have four levels and four salary ranges. And if the company reaches its goals; we share the rewards with you.

  • Competitive and transparent salary ranges
  • Annual profit-sharing bonus linked to performance review

Health and well-being

Health—of mind and body—is more important than ever. We do everything we can to make sure we are our strongest self, in order to be our best self.

  • Headspace subscription
  • Sodexo food card

Professional growth

Your growth is important to us. Expanding your skills, perspective, and experiences are all supported here.

  • Every full-time employee receives an anual payment to continue their professional growth
  • Internal programming and education
  • Financial support for English lessons

We strive to inspire a spirit of generosity and creativity in everyone.

Front @Farco

Free, refined interactions to inspire our community and make the web a more beautiful place. Coded in Javascript, CSS and HTML, downloadable from Github and ready to be use in any web project.

Go Far Program

Discovering and fostering the next generation of conscious innovators, our 8-week internship program has had four successful programs since its creation.

Profit Giving Pledge

At Farco, we realize how fortunate we are that we can do what we love and be successful doing it. We are committed to giving part of our annual profit to local charities that are important to our team. In 2023 we gave donations to Asociación adELA, Fundación Anar, and Llars de l’Amistat Cheshire.